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This Time Tomorrow

Soulful City Stays

This Time Tomorrow takes you off menu into the cultural heart of cities. We curate personalised itineraries, defined by a deep knowledge of our cities and a passion for exploring your interests, so that you can immerse yourself in a trip less ordinary.

From culinary journeys to unseen exhibitions, we provide unique access to hidden art, food, and culture.

Stay with us in our exquisitely renovated private residences, and live your own story in Florence and Marrakech.

Know the Story. Live a Chapter.

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  • 1-4 people
  • 2-4 hours

Spice Experience

Tucked within the cacophony and vibrancy of the Mellah Quarter, we’ll find Khalid. A spice dealer and a member of the Dar Al Dall family, you could say that spices are in his blood. And after whiling an afternoon away in the company of Khalid – his family traditions, his culture, and his culinary passions – they’ll be in yours too. In this journey through spices, you’ll be absorbed into the very essence of Moroccan culture, and the unique spirit of our Riad.

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Chapter Fifty

The Spice of Marrakech

‘Turmeric, cumin, ginger, and is that… cinnamon?’ she thinks as aromas from the heaped wicker baskets waft past her nose.

Together with the warmth radiating from the shady walls and the distant cries of the traders just outside, it is a total assault on the senses. This is Marrakech alright, and it is, delightful.

  • 2-8 people
  • 3 hours+

An evening of Tuscan history and wine at the iconic Palazzo Antinori

In this intimate and inspiring experience, you’ll be taken on a journey into the art and commerce of wine at the Palazzo Antinori, a Renaissance palace built in the late 15th century. This is home to the Antinori family, known as one of the oldest and most celebrated wineries in Italy.

Your journey begins on the Noble Floor of the Palazzo, not open to the public, where all the decisions over the last twenty-six generations have been made. Followed by a dinner in the exclusive Studio Del Marchese, inside the Cantinetta Antinori, enjoy a fine selection of Tuscan specialities from Pappardelle al Ragu Toscano to Thyme Guinea Fowl. All with the finest locally grown seasonal produce.

Available with Florence stays

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Chapter Thirty-one

Noble Standing

I hear the conversations echo through the walls, the revelry of twenty-six generations.

The loves. The losses. The wine.
Oh, the wine.
The Marchese Antinori stamp, a seal that shows this very floor.

I compose myself, lean on a pillar. Finding my feet and standing tall; it must be time for some Florentine dumplings.

Deep Thought

Every ensuite bathroom in our Abitazione is a feature of beauty in and of itself.

Unique spaces to relax, and featuring deep baths, sunlit showers and mosaic floors.


Chapter Twenty-six

The Bath of Venus

Mandarin oils, and olive soap, the scents of Florence.

Are these the smells Botticelli knew?

Iza sunk deep into her bath.

She felt fresh, emerging from her own shell.

The renaissance never smelt so good or walked so tall.

Our Sparkling Courtyard

The heart of our Dar Al Dall is a traditional Charbagh courtyard – four areas divided with care and attention by flowing water, nature and hand cut mosaic. This is a space for pensive reflection, a space for privacy, a space to watch the day pass with the nearby smells of the communal kitchen.

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Chapter Twenty-two

The Fountain and The Pen

Toni had been getting into cryptic crosswords, if ‘getting into’ means losing several hours of her day scratching her head.

Empty three-master of the late Renaissance? (7)

She had found a quiet spot in Marrakech. A crossword haven. A shaded courtyard with a gentle fountain.

Cooked tapas and ziti, say (5)

This truly is a city of colour. She smiled as she scanned the words bouncing around her head. Shakshuka. Medina.

Peak changing genders? Well … (8) “Ah… I know this one.”

Dream of Florence

This Time Tomorrow in Florence


A love letter to this captivating city’s Renaissance art and architecture, a restored eight residence building of decadent frescos, generous outdoor spaces, baroque portraits and velvet furniture. Here is a space to enjoy your private kitchen, where you can unwind in style and comfort, savouring your finds from the day’s market.

Soak in Marrakech

This Time Tomorrow in Marrakech

Dar Al Dall: The House of Shadows

Our Riad takes its name from the Arabic word for shadows, a place defined by peace and privacy. Hidden behind large wooden doors, our five residences are dappled in sunlight, which weaves through courtyard palms and gentle fountains – an unbelievable calm somehow only moments from the ever-bustling medina.

Know the Story.
Live a Chapter.

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